FAQs for Tenants

What happens if I submit a check and it is returned for insufficient funds?

All checks that are returned for insufficient funds will have a $25.00 NSF fee applied to the tenant's account, late fees will be applied and replacement funds in the form of cashier’s check or money order will need to be submitted immediately. All future payments must then be in the form of certified funds.

When is rent due?

Rent is always due on the 1st of each month and late after midnight on the 3rd of the month no matter if it is a weekend or holiday. Rents received after the 3rd that are not postmarked on the 3rd or earlier are considered late and must include all late fees associated with your lease agreement.

What is proper notice to vacate?

Premier Property Solutions requires a minimum 30 day written notice to vacate. In order to properly process and expedite security deposit refunds a forwarding address for the tenant will be required and all keys and remotes must be returned to the management company office.

What is required for me to break my lease early?

If a tenant is interested in relenting on their lease they are required to provide 30 days written notice. They will be responsible for rent until the unit re-rents or the lease ends. Please contact management if you are interested in trying to find a replacement tenant. All replacement tenants must be screened and approved prior to moving in.

Who do I contact for an emergency after business hours?

Premier Property Solutions can be reached at (714) 712-1989. Only true emergencies will be addressed after hours, all non-emergency maintenance repairs will be addressed during normal business hours.

When do I get my security deposit returned?

Security Deposit Settlement letters that will include an itemized list of repair costs will be mailed out within 21 days of the property being relinquished and all keys returned to Premier Property Solutions. If the needed repairs to the property exceed the security deposit, you will receive an invoice that includes your account balance. We ask that you remit the payment to satisfy this balance as quickly as possible to avoid going to collections.

What are the qualifying guidelines for your properties?

Premier Property Solutions requires a credit check and screening for each applicant 18 years of age or older. All applicants must have a valid picture ID, social security number or tax identification number, meet the pre-determined income requirements and provide proof of income in the form of paycheck stubs (bank statements for those who are self-employed.) In addition, each owner may have specific guidelines pertaining to their property specifically.

Will I get my security deposit back?

The return of the security deposit is dependent on the condition of the property when possession is returned to Premier Property Solutions and that all necessary steps to vacate were taken. Tenants will want to submit the required notice to vacate, make sure rent is paid in full, return all keys and remotes and provide a forwarding address.

Do you allow pets?

Pets being allowed or not is determined by the owner of the property and is stipulated on an individual basis. If you did not have a pet when you moved into the property but would like to get one please contact our office and we will let you know if there are any restrictions or pet deposits required. Please keep in mind, any pet located at the property that we are not aware would be considered a breach of your lease contract so please keep us informed.

Who is responsible for repairs?

The owner of the property is responsible for repairs such as HVAC, major plumbing, electrical, etc. to ensure the property is habitable. The owner may also cover repairs on appliances, fences, roofs, etc., but may choose not to repair other small items such as ceiling fan going out, clogged garbage disposal or toilets. If a contractor is sent to a property and it is determined that the repair was caused by the tenant’s negligence, then the tenant would incur that service call and/or repair charge. If a contractor shows up at a property for a scheduled appointment and the tenant fails to appear or let him/her in to do the work the tenant can be assessed a service call fee up to a $50.00.

How long can I have a guest over before they are considered a tenant?

A guest may stay for up to 10 days per the calendar year.

What do I do if I want to add someone to my rental agreement?

All additional tenants must submit an application and go through the screening process. Some properties have a maximum capacity. Contact management for specific information and instructions.

What do I do if I have a maintenance issue in my unit?

Submit an online maintenance request through the tenant link on our website.